329 ROYCEFIELD RD HILLSBOROUGH NJ 08844 - (908-218-1939)
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***** 5 STAR RATED *****

when your pet stays with us

    We will need proof of up to date rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccinations and strongly suggest the use of a frontline type product as we are in a high tick area. You can bring your pet’s food or use ours which is a premium high quality dry food and we also carry various brands of canned food  for dogs and kitties. We have a refrigerator and microwave for anyone who cooks for their pets. You can of course bring all the bedding, toys and treats you would like for your pet to have during their stay with us ( if we see you pull up with a u-haul we'll just figure that you over packed for you pet, but heck who doesn't over pack for a vacation ! ) 

    Pill medications as well as injectable medications ( like insulin) can also be administered for a nominal fee. If you would like to call and check up on your dog or cat while your away feel free to give a call and we’ll give you an update.


     Being at the kennel doesn't mean your dog can't have fun and get some exercise during their stay. Sign your doggie up for some play time. Playtime for doggies is available at an additional charge and consists of either going for a walk on the property which is 5 1/2 acres or playing ball in our fenced in 20x60 yard. All playtime is done individually unless there is more then one dog in your family. For the kitties, they are allowed out of their enclosures individually for playtime in our cat room which is full of cat toys & a 6' tall cat tree.


    Your dog certainly will not be bored or lonely during their stay with us. For the doggies we have individual indoor/outdoor runs which are heated as well as air conditioned on the inside. The inside cubicle is where we put their bedding, food, water, and toys. The inside measures 4x4 and the outside is 4x10 which is covered for rain & weather protection. Your dogs have access to the outside part of the run 24 hours per day, where they can look at deer wander by, squirrels chase each other and wild turkeys cluck around, it like prime time doggie TV here!  We have walls instead of fencing  that separate the runs inside as well as outside which greatly reduces stress, eliminates fence running as well as arguing between doggie neighbors especially the republicans and democrats.   Lite music is played through out the kennel . 

    For the kitties we have a separate cat room where each cats has their own kitty condo big enough to fit a large litter box, bedding, toys and food .Kitties are allowed out individually during cleaning time and playtime is also available on a one to one basis. We play classical music in our cat room which the cats enjoy over the lite music that the dogs listen to as they feel they are superior and more cultured than the doggies.

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